How can I clean a Vera Bradley backpack purse?


Since many Vera Bradley backpacks and purses are made of cotton, they are often washable. Read the washing instructions on the inside tag before attempting to clean your Vera Bradley bag, and do not take any steps the instructions warn against.

  1. Remove the cardboard

    If your Vera Bradley bag has cardboard at the bottom, take it out before washing. If you are not able to remove the cardboard, do not wash the bag.

  2. Prepare the bag for washing

    Close all zippers and snaps on the bag. Put the bag inside a mesh laundry bag or a zippered pillow case to protect it from being damaged inside the washing machine. Spot clean the bag if necessary. Test your spot cleaning solvent on an inconspicuous part of the bag before applying it to any stains.

  3. Wash the bag

    Run the bag through the delicate cycle of your washing machine. Use only cold water and detergent designed for delicate garments. Washing your Vera Bradley bag in hot water will cause it to shrink, lose its shape and fade.

  4. Dry the bag

    Open all the zippers and snaps to help the bag dry. Hang it up to air dry. Do not dry it in the dryer.

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