What are some verbal signs that prove a person is lying?


According to the FBI, some verbal clues that indicate when someone may be lying include alternating between past and present tense verbs, using gestures that do not reflect statements and using words that minimize actions. The FBI states that it is easier to identify lying when both words and behaviors are considered.

Words that minimize actions include: mainly, almost and nearly. People often use words with a milder meaning when lying. For instance, describing something as lost or missing doesn't imply a crime, but describing the item as stolen does imply a crime.

Fraud Magazine states that using vague speech or implying certain actions, rather than simply stating whether the actions were completed, are also verbal signs of lying. For instance, if someone says they needed to call their mother at the time in question, this does not actually convey whether or not they actually called their mother. A person who is telling the truth may also use nonverbal cues to back up their statements.

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