What are verbs beginning with the letter X?


Xerox is a good verb that begins with the letter X. It is very difficult to come up with the verbs that with the letter X. Another good example would be x-ray.
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" x vt. x-ed also x'd or xed; x-ing orx'ing 1. to mark with an x 2. to cancel or obliterate with a series of x's -- usually used with out. x-ray vt, often cap (1899) : to examine
Verbs starting with the letter 'U' are upgrade, upheld, uncover
1. Open the P90X box and remove the dietary packet that lists the meal plan. 2. Purchase the food that the meal plans requires from your local grocery store. It is important that
1 Instruct the reader with words such as: purchase, gather, obtain incorporate, mix, add cut, sew, chop repeat, do not, avoid, allow, ask acknowledge, understand, remember, be aware
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