How do you remove verdigris?


The method used to remove verdigris is to first pour three teaspoons of salt onto your work surface and dip some lemon into the salt. Use the salt on the lemon to scrub cookware, repeat the process with lemon and salt until all of the verdigris is gone. Rinse the cookware with warm water and dry immediately. Finally use the cloth to apply the polish.
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1. Pour about three teaspoons of salt onto your work surface. Dip a lemon half into the salt, being sure that the salt covers the exposed pulp of the lemon. 2. Use the salt on the
A simple internet search will produce many methods of verdigris removal. People have suggested methods including: lemon juice, catsup, acetone, mineral spirits, etc. The problems
Verdigris is a greenish-blue discolouration on metals such as copper. Like rust, it occurs most often when the metal is left damp or stored in a humid environment. If you do not remove
Really need more info. Just what do you call Verdigris? How badly is the coin corroded? What color is the contamination? Could really use a photo of the coin. Some call Verdigris
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How to Remove Verdigris
The corrosive turquoise colored substance known as verdigris can slowly dissolve copper and bronze items. The fact that verdigris is present means that some corrosion has already begun. If you have valuable items (such as cookware or antique jewelry)... More »
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