How can one block a number on a Verizon wireless prepaid phone?


Prepaid wireless are cell phones, smartphones, and tablets that are paid per use by users who may not be ready or would avoid a long term yearly contract. Verizon is one of the world's leading wireless providers and offers both contract and prepaid services.
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1. Turn off your phone and remove the battery cover. Remove the battery and look in the battery compartment for the manufacturer's label. Look for a string of eight numbers, eight
At the current moment in time, according to the Verizon website, their prepaid plans start at $35 a month. This basic monthly plan includes unlimited texts and web access, as well
For Verizon Wireless customer service call 1-800-922-0204
Call 866-U-FREEUP or Dial #PAY or #729 from your FREEUP phone.Verizon Customer Service: 1-866-837-3387
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Verizon allows you to block up to 5 numbers on your phone using a feature called spam controls. Log into your verizon account and open Verizon safeguards. In this menu you will find the spam controls.
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