How to Upgrade Verizon Wireless Towers?


A person can upgrade the Verizon Wireless Towers by listening to the automated prompts. The individual should wait until the voice is finished speaking before upgrading the service.
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1. Dial *228 on your Verizon mobile device and press "Send" or "Talk. 2. Press the number 2 when you are given a list of options. 3. Listen to the phone until your
Verizon Wireless is owned by Cellco partnership. This company recently purchased Alltel wireless, and is now the largest wireless provider in the United States. To find more information
47564 towers.
By dialing *228 send and option 2, you are allowing the phone to be
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These are Cell towers that are used to provide service in both urban and rural areas. This can help customers determine if they will have good coverage in a certain area or why they may be having reception problems when making and receiving.
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