How to Identify Real Versace Sunglasses?


There are several ways to identify whether or not Versace sunglasses are real or not. Real ones will have a nice weight to them instead of feeling lightweight and flimsy. The Medusa snake, which is the Versace logo, should be engraved into the glasses. It should also say Versace and have platinum hinges.
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1. Familiarize yourself with the appearance of genuine Versace sunglasses. By either looking at a pair in the Versace store, or examining the sunglasses on the Versace website, you
Gianni Versace started designing Versace sunglasses in 1978. Versace sunglasses range
they r like about 200 .oo dollor ! and most of them r the color black ! my mother just got one for 345.oo dollor and it was on sale !
The Glasses Are Vintage Versace 244'S.
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