How do you recondition a VersaPak battery?


The Versapak batteries can be reconditioned. However, before commencing, you need to test them on a volt meter. Do not recondition them if they register zero ohms.
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1. Test your batteries with your voltmeter to determine voltage. Reconditioning a Versapak battery when it registers zero ohms or over three volts could damage it. Plug the lead wires
When new, initial charge is 8-9 hours. Thereafter 1 1/2 hours.
Hey there, Perhaps they never sold enough of the original product for someone else to go through the trouble of reverse engineering it. That would be my guess. Or, if it is a new
Black & Decker VP132 VersaPak 3.6-Volt 2-Port 3-Hour Stick Style Battery Charger with 1 VP100 Battery. Available from these sellers. 1 new from $34.95. Technical Details. * 3.6-
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Black & Decker versapak battery is a kind of a battery that is produced by Black and Decker Company and it is mainly used in music systems. A black and Decker ...
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