Vertical Hood Piercings?


A vertical hood piercing is located on the top of the clitoral hood. This type of piercing may take up to six weeks to fully heal. If a woman plans on getting this type of piercing, she must ensure that the piercing will be able to withstand the weight of the body jewelry. A vertical hood piercing tends to keep the woman aroused a lot. The jewelry, that can be placed in the piercing, is a ring or barbell.
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The vertical hood piercing passes vertically through the clitoral hood, generally
Body Piercing is a service provided by trained and qualified professionals in a controlled environment using only sterilized materials and bio-compatible body jewellery designed for
A piercing of the clitoral hood (down there!) Looks painful :-S heres a pic for ya:… Source(s):
1. Decide upon your preferred placement of the piercing. Many women find a vertical piercing more stimulating, though a horizontal piercing also stimulates the *oris. 2. Choose a
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I find no slang terms for the vertical clitoral hood ...
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A clitoris hood piercing is becoming a popular one to have. You can get them with a vertical barbell on the hood or with a stud or ring. How much they cost will ...
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