Vertical Motion Formula?


The vertical motion formula is used in many mathematical problems. The formula is h=-16t^+vt+s. H is the final height, T is time, V is velocity, and S is starting height.
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h=16t^2+vt+s. H= final height. T= time. V= velocity. S= starting height.
The formula to model the height of an object t seconds after it
1. Square the time that the body spends falling. For instance, if it falls for 9 seconds: 9² = 81 s². 2. Multiply this answer by acceleration by gravity, which is 9.81 m
the ehight above the ground is given vy the equation: h(t) = 240 - 16t^2. plug in any 't' and it will give you the height. To solve for a height, set the equation equal to that number
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