What are some very common Jewish last names?


Some Jewish last names are more common than others. According to genealogy.about.com, some very common Jewish last names are Weinberg, Goldberg, Einstein, Hofstein, Rabinowitz, Horowitz, Metzenbaum, Himelbaum, Blumenthal, Eichenthal, Adler, Winkler, Seinfeld, Berkenfeld, Weissblum, Rosenblum, Goldberg, Silverstein, Mizrach, Cohen, Levy, Miller, and Rothschild. Some Jewish people got their last names from their profession, while others got their last names from the street or area that they lived in. This made it easier for people to find them and use their services.
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Gluckman is one. There are many different and varied Jewish surnames. Among the more popular are: Cohen, Stein, Aaronson, Adler, Ben-Gurion, Berg, Berger, Bergman, Bloomberg, Chomsky
1. Ask whether the family has a tradition of belonging to a Cohen or Levi (priestly) family. The names Cohen and Levi almost always indicate Jewish ancestry, as do other last names
Miller is the 3rd most common Jewish surname in the U.S. even though it is a
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