Very Faint Line in Ept Test?


A very faint line in an EPT pregnancy test most likely means a woman is pregnant. The causes of a faint line on an EPT test may be lower hormone levels. To get a positive, the body must have high levels of HCG present. If you see a faint line, you should wait a few days and test again. It is always best to test in the morning because more HCG will be present in the urine. If you are still seeing a faint line after a week, it is best to make an appointment to take a blood test.
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The EPT test will check the HCG levels in your body. When there is only one line on EPT's pregnancy test it means that you are either not pregnant or that you took the test too soon
Hi there, I took an ept test today and I got a dark vertical line and a faint horizontal line, just like yours. I was searching for some answers and I found this website that sbows
What does it mean on the new EPT pregnancy test, there is a square box that shows that the test worked and a circle box that show
You may be pregnant and just didn't have a high enough level of hCG to show positive during the testing time frame. It could just be the way the test is made as well. You should not
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