Very Hard Brain Teasers?


There are many very hard brain teasers. You can find most of them from online sources. Brain teasers will help develop the brain to greater capacity in various dimensions.
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Mini sota, "Minnesota"
The maker doesn't want it. The buyer doesn't need it. The user doesn't know he's using it. What is it? It's a coffin!
Haha that was quite good. Got to the last question & didn't get that one lol.
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The answers to ancient civilization brain teasers are available on hard book format on the Ancient Civilizations Brain Teasers book, which is available online. ...
The question 'What is very light but can't be lifted?' is a brain teaser. Two answers to this brain teaser include air or bubbles. ...
As of January 2013 there are several places where one can find really hard riddles. Mind boggling riddles can be found at Daily Brain Teaser, Buzzle, Big Riddles ...
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