How do you kill small, red house ants?


Small Red Ants are small, red ants which bite and their bites are very painful. Once you have them around and in the house, this is how to go about it. Pour ¼ cup of a detergent liquid into an empty spray bottle. Add water and shake, then directly spray on the ants. Pour a pot of boiling water on the ant's hill if you can find it outside.
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1. The ants come marching one by one right through your house. It doesn't matter if your house has passed the white glove inspectorial or not. Something about what you got is what
Ants can not be killed with cinnamon/sugar. Ants do not eat solid food. Ants can not eat solid food. Kim G has been spreading that rumor for a long time.
that when it get full.
Fire ants are small red ants. They have several common names including ginger
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