Where can I view Amazonian-type women?


The highest concentration of Amazonian-type women can be found in northern Europe and the former Soviet Republic region. On average, these regions have the tallest women in the world.

The common definition of an Amazonian woman means to be tall and athletic. The ancient Greeks created the mythology of the Amazons, an all-woman warrior society. Herodotus, a Greek historian from the 5th century BC, indicated that the Amazons were located in an area which was later known as Ukraine. A group of women in Ukraine called the Asgarda claim to be descendants of the ancient Amazon. The group believes in a type of feminism and conducts combat training.

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Can't find average for Amazon women, but white women are typically 5'5" Hispanic women
I don't think its that common for your height (No offence, I'd love to be as tall as you) I'm quite tall for my age I think (I'm 13 and im 5'10) It depends on where you live I suppose
Hi LJ, Being a short woman I have always admired tall women. I just found out that Michelle Obama is 5'11. She is so elegant! The key is to avoid wearing a monochromatic look, such
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