Vesicular Rocks?


Vesicular rocks are rocks having cavities within them. Rocks can have vesicular texture, meaning that they are commonly shown as rough igneous type, having many openings on them.
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* Vesicular rock texture is generally displayed in extrusive igneous rocks which contain many vesicles of trapped air, such as pumice or scoria. * Igneous rocks containing holes which
Vesicular texture is a volcanic rock texture characterized by a rock being pitted
Volatile gases in viscous silicic andesitic lavas form gas bubbles in the lava, and once the pressure is low enough, the volatile gases escape from the lava creating vesicles in the
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Pumice is an igneous rock made from volcanic lava that has solidified above ground. Pumice rock texture can be described as both glassy and vesicular due to its ...
A pumice stone is a rock with highly vesicular rough textured volcanic glass. They are usually light colored and created from hot, highly pressurized rock that ...
Pumice is a type of igneous rock. It's mineral composition include feldspar, quartz, biotite, and horneblend. It is made from highly micro-vesicular glass pyroclastic ...
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