What Is a Vg2 Singnal or Alert?


A VG 2 Alert is something used by police. It alerts them if a car has a radar detector in it. People use these radar detectors to tell if there are police nearby and in some states they are illegal.
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VG2 is the gun which used by the officer to capture the high speed of the vehicle. People made anti VG2 radar detector called RDD or something I forgot. So officer made VG4.and so
POP is an older system used by police to defeat radar
This RD is not something I speed with. I bought it cuz I had $40 bucks laying around and I wanted to see how good/bad this unit is. Another reason is a buddy of mine works at Radio
Press and hold the CITY button down for an extended period of time (3 to 5 Seconds) until the voice announces “VG-2 on”. To deactivate, follow the same procedures until
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