Vibrating Bed?


A vibrating bed is typically a coin-operated bed that is found in a vintage motel. In the modern world, the bed has been made to vibrate through the use of an off-centre motor. The bed is used therapeutically to ease back pains.
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The purpose of a vibrating bed was to give the user a total body
as long as the lathe is running correctly, ie. the headstock is in line with the tailstock, no issues with the motor, etc. The best way is to add mass to the stand that your lathe
See if anyone else can feel it. If yes, then see if you can find the source. If not, then it's your problem, not the bed. In that case, imagine the vibration moving to different body
try mine it rocks lmao
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Perhaps you dropped your vibrator under the bed? Serious answer, it's probably the bed frame that's f*cked up. Try changing that (tightening something etc) If ...
1. Sit in a comfortable chair or lay on a bed where you can have access to an electrical outlet. Most models have an electrical cord attached, but some models ...
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