What causes water pipes to vibrate?


Vibrating water pipes can be caused by water hammer or air in the pipes. The way that air is pushed out of the pipes is by increasing the speed of the water or by opening the pipe to get rid of the air. A water hammer, the other cause of vibrating pipes, is the sound made when moving water changes speed suddenly. It usually occurs when a valve closes such as shutting water off at the faucet very fast. Water hammer can be caused by washing machines and dishwashers. It can also be caused by irrigation systems.
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Water hammer can occur in either hot or cold water supply pipes when you suddenly stop the flow of water through the pipe by closing the faucet’s valve. You may hear a loud
water hammer and not being strapped down properly.
Water pipes that make long vertical runs ( more that a few feet ) are supposed to be attached to the framing inside the wall. When they are not, they will vibrate as water passes
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