Vibration in Leg?


A vibration or twinges in the leg can be a result of an anxiety disorder. Leg vibrations could also mean that your body is extremely exhausted and needs rest. It may also be a sign of poor circulation. Usually if you treat the panic disorder, the leg vibrations will ago away. Some people have found that getting plenty of rest and relaxation eases the leg vibrations, but others have not been able to do anything to make this feeling go away.
Q&A Related to "Vibration in Leg?"
Humans are naturally born with stronger left arms and left legs. During the early 1800s, anyone who was left handed or left legged was forced to use the right leg or hand instead.
anxiety can cause these symptom's such as muscle twitching ,spasming,pulsing ,muscle pains I would suggest speaking to a doctor to deal with your physical symptoms of anxiety and
Others have experienced this. Could be stress or nerve
well 1 I do agree it you be your imagination thinking you got a text or. Maybe it could be you need to move your leg about. Sometimes if you keep your leg in one position too long
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