What is the Vice City helicopter cheat code?


There is a simple cheat code which unlocks a helicopter in Vice City. The code to use is as follows: up, down, left, right, triangle, triangle, L1, R1.
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their is no cheat for a helicopter the only cheats for vehicles in the game is for a tank and a trash master if you want a helicopter just go to the second island go to the police
Near the arena in the Downtown district is a condo you can buy for a
1. Locate a helicopter you wish to fly. Then press "W" to rise or lift off into the air. When you are high enough in the air, hold down the number "9" on your
There are a lot of online sources for Grand Theft Auto's Vice City cheats. Many of these allow you to find new weapons, or change the weather. You can also adjust the gameplay speed
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Cheats in Vice City on the Police and the Helicopter
You can use dozens of cheat codes to add interest and variety to your Grand Theft Auto: Vice City experience. Whether you want to make the game easier or just more interesting, simply enter a button combination to unlock a desired cheat. A few of these... More »
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The helicopter cheat for Vice city is 'iwanttofly'. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was published and developed by Rockstar Games. The storyline was written by Dan Houser and James Worrall.
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Unfortunately, there is no cheat to spawn a helicopter in the video game 'Grand Theft Auto: Vice City'. You can, however, find a helicopter at the back of the ...
In the game Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories the only way to get the helicopter is by completing all your story missions and then going to the Escobar International ...
In the game 'Grand Theft Auto Vice City' for the PlayStation Portable console, there are various cheat codes one can use to obtain items and health. The cheat ...
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