Vidal Sassoon Replacement Parts?


Vidal Sassoon offers a wide range of hair care, modeling, and finishing products, including some that may eventually require replacement parts. There are many places, specialized in hairdressing products, that offer original Vidal Sassoon replacement parts, but it is always best to buy directly from the manufacturer because they offer guarantees and sometimes hold special sales. You can also purchase Vidal Sassoon replacement parts at authorized dealers worldwide, who also offer service and repairs of select brand tools of the same brand.
Q&A Related to "Vidal Sassoon Replacement Parts?"
contact Helen of Troy (Vidal Sassoon) headquarters in Texas a 915-225-8000. or. You may order replacement attachments for calling the Consumer Service Line at 1-800-487-7273.
"As a discontinued product I am only able to find this infuser and several other 1875 watt models." I'm sorry to report that this combo dryer (one my fiance uses extensively
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I'm sorry to report that this combo dryer (one my fiance uses extensively in her work) has been discontinued. To my understanding, Vidal Sasson has yet to release a comparable product
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