How to Trade Games at Gamestop.?


1. Find a Gamestop store near you. You can go to their website (see Resources below) and roll the mouse over their store locator. 2. Take in your games. You can trade smudged games, scratched games, games without covers or games that don't even work.
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you need to tell what are you trading in.
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim by Bethesda Softworks has a trade-in of
Depends on the supply and demand of those games in your area. $10-30 at most.
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GameStop trade values differ depending on the game, console they play on, and how old they are. From 12/3/12 until 1/6/13 you can trade in 3 games and get a $10 ...
The trade in values given at Gamestop will vary. These values will depend on the game, accessory, or console one is trading. The newer the game, accessory, or ...
If you have a PlayStation Portable, there may be some places to trade it in. You might want to check at Gamestop or a local games store. The value of the trade-in ...
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