Where can you find a list of Silver Star recipients in Vietnam from 1968-1969?


Vietnam Silver Star Recipients (1968-1969) list is available at ranker.com. Most notable Vietnam Silver Star recipient is Alexander Haig; Silver Star, National Order of Vietnam. He is followed by Frederick Carlton Weyand; Silver Star, National Order of Vietnam, Legion of Merit. We also have John Kirk Singlaub; Silver Star, Legion of Merit, National Order of Vietnam.
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Recommend researching: The American War Library. Improvement: Go to the Hall Of Heroes website and search on his name. This site will also be useful for all medals higher than the
The only way to do this would be to speak to someone in the 25th INF archive office. Most of the time, there is VERY sparse info kept on record. Bronze Stars were relatively common,
Well first off, an A2C in Vietnam, is the same as a A1C today, an E-3. The ranks changed around 1967. A1C became SRA/SGT E-4. A2C became A1C E-3. A3C became Airmen E-2. Basic Airmen
Impact Awards. Because the Bronze Star V was the impact award and then would have to be upgraded to a Silver Star or DSC at a later date. By the way there is no V device available
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