View Mugshots of Inmates?


There are several places where you can view mugshots of inmates from around the world. Many police stations can provide you with books of images where you can find all the mugshots that have been taken at a specific time, or in a specific place. The FBI also offers the ability to view mugshots and pictures of the criminals on their most wanted list. You can find these online or at certain locations. Sometimes you can also view mugshots at the prison facility at which an inmate is housed.
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I don't think you can get their mugshot online, you can if they are currently wanted for something, but I don't think you can get it otherwise, not without filing a Freedom of Information
1. Call ahead to the correctional facility to see if you are on the inmate's approved visitor list and the days and times visitation is allowed. Visitors are typically limited to
The search engine for Duval County jail inmates is not
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