Vindictive Personality?


A vindictive person is someone who has an extremely strong (sometimes unnatural) longing for revenge. Vindictive personalities are often seen in relationships when a person is cheated on. This is also seen in women who are out for revenge against other women for various reasons.
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Vindication -noun 1. the act of vindicating. 2. the state of being vindicated. 3.
First of all, you must remember that the problem (vindictiveness) is THEIR problem; not yours. Do not allow them to manipulate you with their negativity. Your very best strategy would
Ok listen carefully: Behind all cruelty is weakness . Your opponent is weak and a bully. You always stand up to a bully. No contact with her. You are going to have to mentally be
Having a jealousy of other people for a long time? Liking to hurt others to make themselves feel better because they might not feel good about themselves in the first place and need
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It's crazy! I live in Michigan and think this is nuts. According to how the law is written, I can't even have my daughter's friend over for a playdate if her parents ...
Not all women are vindictive, just like not all men are stupid. Personality, intelligence and passion are not determined by gender. ...
Vindictive people are those who have a very strong want for revenge on another person or people. Dealing with vindictive people can be challenging and even frightening ...
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