What does the phrase "vindictive personality" mean?


A vindictive person is someone who has an extremely strong (sometimes unnatural) longing for revenge. Vindictive personalities are often seen in relationships when a person is cheated on. This is also seen in women who are out for revenge against other women for various reasons.
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Vindication -noun 1. the act of vindicating. 2. the state of being vindicated. 3.
First of all, you must remember that the problem (vindictiveness) is THEIR problem; not yours. Do not allow them to manipulate you with their negativity. Your very best strategy would
This happened to me in a relationship, and it is almost impossible to respond to someone when they are able to manipulate other people into believing they are the victim. Worse, the
I'm surrounded by these types and I believe it's caused by constant negativity, unhappy relationships, strong feelings of being inferior and jealousy. People like this don't have
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Vindictive means to seek revenge or spiteful. It is often seen when referring to a person who is angry or mean. An example of using vindictive in a sentence is ...
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