Vindictive Women?


There is a saying that says that not even hell is as furious as a woman who has been hurt or scorned, and in many cases, a hurt woman becomes vindictive and spiteful to get back at the person who hurt them. This is especially true when it is a man who has hurt the woman, but it can also happen when the one who caused the damage was another female. There are many reasons why women become vindictive, but most of them involve some kind of love relationship with the other party which deteriorated into infidelity.
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Woman seem to find that if they have been hurt or used, they feel b...
you need to get visitation right now. the longer you wait the harder it will be. i dont let my ex keep my daughter away from me to long because she does just that. best advice i can
They aren't all vindictive. Sometimes, it depends on what's been done to them, though. Somtimes they're just wired that way. But not all of us. :-)
Women are just damn MEAN! They know they have the power and they just grind your face into the ground with it, then claim to be the weaker sex. They demand to be worshiped and exalted
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Not all women are vindictive, just like not all men are stupid. Personality, intelligence and passion are not determined by gender. ...
The women in The Tales from The Thousand One Nights play roles from being vindictive and controlling to damsels in distress who need to be rescued. The gender ...
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