How do you make a battery with Coke and vinegar?


A simple battery can be constructed with a cup, a copper strip, and a zinc strip. Attach wires to each strip and place them in the cup. Place the strips in the cup and add either Coca Cola or vinegar to the cup. If a voltage meter is placed across the leads, it will show between 0.75 and 1.0 volts. More voltage can be created by adding several of these cells in series.
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1. Pour the coke from a can into a glass. Cut a 1/4-inch wide strip of aluminum from the can. Make sure it is a little longer than the glass. 2. Sand the piece of aluminum with a
vinegar makes a battery because of the ions in the vinegar which was reacting to the metal which gives of a electric circuit.
Clean the battery top with a cloth
No problem; with a vinegar electrolyte there is no gas liberated at the copper electrode. Source(s)….
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