Where can you find vintage Chevy parts?


Vintage Chevy parts can be purchased at licensed vendors of Chevrolet restoration parts and from various online vintage-car-part retailers. Chevrolet's website has a current list of licensed vendors. The list is categorized by restoration parts and the companies that sell them. The list includes vendors' telephone numbers and email addresses.

Licensed vendors and manufacturers of vintage Chevy parts offer high quality, authentic parts guaranteed to fit. Chevrolet recommends buying from officially licensed manufacturers to ensure the restoration parts are designed to meet GM quality standards. Licensed parts keep the vintage car or truck as true to the original construction as possible. However, there are also vintage car collectors, sellers and dealers online who offer the same parts for less. Online retailers also offer periodic clearance sales.

Classic Parts is an online retailer that sells parts from 1947 Chevrolet models. It offers same day shipping for some orders. The Filling Station is another company that sells vintage Chevy parts online. The Filling Station also has a sales office in Oregon and takes orders by phone, fax or email. One can also find 1937 to 1981 vintage Chevy parts by checking Antique Chev. These three companies have been in the business of selling vintage Chevy parts for more than two decades.

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