How to Oil a Daisy BB Gun?


Vintage Daisy BB guns are normally used for game hunting and can be bough at linseed gun shops near your area. The Daisy BB guns are oiled by turning the trigger off and unloading the BBs on its barrel. Apply 2 drops from your 20 weight motor oil on moving parts and the oil hole. This procedure should be repeated after every 500 to 1000 shots.
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1. Put the trigger safety on by pushing the safety button from left to right. 2. Push open the loading door on the BB gun and pour the BBs into the reservoir. Do not fill the reservoir
Daisy did not invent the BB gun. Hamilton made the first Daisy model in 1895. , but BB guns were around long before that. Lewis and Clark carried an air rifle with them on the travels
Daisy actually had its beginnings back in 1882 as Plymouth Iron Windmill
The No. 12 model 29 was made between 1929-32. Unfortunately you did not state the condition of the BB rifle, It's not a BB gun, So I am not able to give you an estimate of value.
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