How do you tell if a Hot Wheels track is vintage?


Boys usually get their first Hot Wheel car when they are toddlers. Parents sometimes collect them for sentimental reasons, others do it for the Value of them.Vintage Hot Wheels are a Collectors Dream. You can go on Ebay and find the latest Price Guide Books very cheap.
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What's so special about a Hot Wheels Volkswagen van (called a Beach Bomb) that a collector paid $72,000 for it? Well, it's one of the original rear-loading Beach Bombs, and is also
1. Examine the box. The first place you should look to determine authenticity is the track packaging. The box will give you the name of the set and it will have an illustration of
Hot Wheels cars are definitely growing in numbers, not in hundreds, there are thousands of them. These cars will indeed give you a wide selection. Together with the growing number
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