How to Age a Lane Cedar Chest?


Edward Hudson Lane first founded the company Lane in Altavista, Virginia in 1912. However, the Lanes were unsure of what success they would have selling chests, so they originally named their company The Standard Red Cedar Chest Company. Situated on a junction served by the Virginian and Southern Railways made it easy to sell the vintage Lane cedar chests.
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1. Look to see if the lock is new or old. Lane cedar chests, especially the older chests, had the locks without safety releases. For safety reasons, the locks on some chests were
About 375 to 800 dollars. Lane was a top nauch company back then and to still have one in 2011, it's worth quite alot.
Visit a local antiques dealer in your area to have the chest
Putting Lane Cedar chest in the search bar in. will show some prices.
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Vintage Lane cedar chests were first introduced in 1912. The company makes these boxes to store clothes and other household items in. The company has introduced several products since its inception, however the cedar chest is still its mainstay. The cedar chest models come in a variety of sizes and finishes. The older models are in high demand and can be found on eBay. For the availability of the newer cedar chest models, go online to Amazon.
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