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There are several sites that offer violin chord charts. An example of such a site is To play violin chords begin by running your bow across the D string and an A string while trying a basic cord. Always ensure that you apply the same pressure on both strings. Practice on placing the first finger on the A string and running your bow through the D string simultaneously. Visit for more instructions.
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1. Run the bow across the D string and the A string at the same time to try a basic chord. Make sure you use even pressure on both strings. 2. Place your first finger on the A string
While there are no chord charts (that I know of) for violin, this noble instrument happens to share the same string set with the Mandolin. There are numerous chord charts for mandolin
A Violin cannot play chords. It can however do Double Stop which is playing to two notes on two different strings at the same time, for example E and A or A and D ****************
Guitar chord charts are almost as commonly found in guitar music as tablature. The information these chord charts convey, however, is different than guitar tablature. Some of you
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