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Visayan, Tagalog and Bikol are languages that are spoken in the Philippines. Visayan is mostly spoken in the Visayas region of the Philippines. It is also found being spoken in the Bicol Region, the providence Sulu and Mindanao. A Visayan translator will translate the English language into the Visayan language, and also will transfer voice and print from the Visayan language into the English language. Translators can be used in situations where one needs to understand the language, such as in court. If you go to court, or another official government situation, and you cannot understand the language, the court will appoint a Visayan language translator.
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Its English term is horseradish.
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MASTERPIECE. Atlantic Starr. Sa dampi ng palad mo, ang kapaligiran ay nagliliwanag. Ang titig mo ay kay sarap; ang iyong halik ay nakabibihag. Ikaw ay nagbibigay ng kasiyahan ngayon
"magandang gabi"=good evening in Tagalog "naimbag nga rabii"--in Ilocano "maayong gabi"--in Ilonggo (Visayan) "maabi gayabi"--in Pangasinan
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The Visayan term 'malunggay' translates roughly into English as 'horseradish.' It is known in English as the 'horseradish tree' or 'horseradish plant,' though ...
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"magandang gabi"=good evening in Tagalog "naimbag nga rabii"--in Ilocano "maayong gabi"--in Ilonggo (Visayan) "maabi gayabi& ...
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