Visceral Organs?


Visceral organs are the organs that are included inside the gut, or abdomen. The term visceral pertains to all of the internal organs. Some visceral organs included in the abdomen are the heart, stomach, intestine, pancreas, liver, spleen, kidney,appendix, and gall bladder. Some visceral organs included in the pelvis and perineum are the coccyx, ovaries, fallopian tubes, bladder, testicles, rectum, and vulva. When the visceral organs are removed from an animal, the organs are called offal.
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The study of visceral organs is "Angiology"
The bodies largest visceral or internal organ is the liver. Don't drink to keep
Smooth muscle is found in organs that function involuntarily (it also contracts differently that skeletal muscle) Because it's under autonomic control, we don't have to think about
Visceral pleura is a covering of the lungs. The word pleura always refers to the lung and visceral means the covering of an organ. If you have pleuritis, for example, you have inflammation
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Visceral organs are essential organs like the heart and kidney. These organs are in contact with the thoracic, abdominal, and cervical structures. A visceral organ ...
The study of the visceral organs is the study of any interior organ in the human body. For instance the study of the Thoracic visceral organs which includes the ...
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