Vizio Remote Control Codes?


The Vizio remote control codes are generally used to map how the remote controls work. These codes are innate of the remote control working program to facilitate their functions. Some of the codes on them are the codes for TV, info and many other control functions.
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Try codes for LG. 0178 worked for me.
Unfortunately, there is not just one code I can give you. I can give you a list of codes that work with all Vizio TV's, so one of these will work. It will just be a little trial and
Component devices in your home entertainment center are operated by remote control. Each device has its own remote, which can lead to confusion when trying to operate several different
4-Digit Remote Codes 0056, 1758, 0178, 1756, 0128, 0117, 1017, 1078, 0030, 0205, 1292, 1702, 0606.
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To program a Vizio remote control, first manually turn on the device that will be controlled. Hold down the device button for five seconds until the LED flashes. Enter in the programming code for the device, waiting until the LED flashes twice after the last digit is entered. Press the power button while pointing the remote at the device to see if it powers off.
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