How do you program Vizio remote codes?


The Vizio universal remote codes are a wide range of codes that are programmed to control different Vizio products. It is generally used for a wide range of Vizio TVs and home theater systems.
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1. Turn on the device you want to program the remote. 2. Press the matching device button on the Vizio remote control. You can select "DVD" "AUDIO" or "CBL.
To tell you what code you need, I need the model of
004 but not all buttons work.
Aim the Jumbo Universal Remote at the Vizio TV and hold down the "Code Search" button on the remove for roughly 3 to 5 seconds. The LED lights will come on. report this
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In order to program the Vizio remote you must have the codes. TV should be turned on. Press and hold the TV button until the LED flashes twice. Enter the codes until the remote turns the TV off.
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