Vodka and Sprite?


The name for Vodka and a Sprite mixture is Vodka 7. The name came from the vodka being mixed with 7Up.
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1. Add 1 ounce (30 milliliters) of vodka in a small tumbler. Ad. 2. Then add 3 ounces (90 milliliters) of Sprite Zero in the tumbler. 3. Add ice to the tumbler. 4. Serve the drink
I think it's called a "Dirty ShirleyTemple"
The drink named 'vodka 7' contains two ounces of vodka and lemon lime soda
Vodka mixes well with just about any soda, juice, or mixer. Add grenadine it makes it pretty, sweet and pink.
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One delicious UV vodka drink mix is called a Blue Bombsicle. In this drink, you'll combine 3 parts lemonade and 1 part UV vodka. Another delicious UV vodka drink ...
Just pour club soda / tonic and sprite into vodka. How strong you want it to be depends on your taste. Vodka is a very flexible drink; all kinds of things mix ...
UV pink lemonade vodka can be mixed with Sprite. Lots of people prefer mixing it with sweet iced tea. Usually, when you do this it is called an Arnold Palmer. ...
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