What is the closest volcano to Denver, Colorado?


There are no active volcanoes near Denver, Colorado. Nearby extinct volcanoes are located 2 hours from Denver in the Central Colorado volcanic field. These include the Grizzly Peak and Mount Aetna cauldrons and Bonanza and Marshall Creek calderas. The Central Colorado Volcanic Field is located in Park and Teller counties.

The closest dormant volcano to Denver is Dotsero Volcano, located approximately 2 hours from Denver in Eagle County. It is the only volcano in Colorado that has erupted in the past 10,000 years. Dotsero Volcano last erupted around 2200 B.C. Other volcanoes near Denver include La Garita Caldera, which is located roughly 5 hours from Denver in the San Juan mountains.

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The two distinct mesas 10 miles west of Denver at the foothills of the Rockies are remnants of a lava flow. The prehistoric volcano that produced them erupted about 26 to 65 million
The Dotsero Crater is in Colorado and it is probably the youngest volcano
Colorado. Dotsero - Elevation: 7,316 feet Location: 39°39′40″N 107°03′22″W. La Garita Caldera - Elevation n/a Location 37°53′36&Prime
For all intents and purposes, none of the above. B, C, and D are all local effects and would have absolutely no effect on Denver. Volcanic ash injected into the upper atmosphere does
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