How to use iPod in Volkswagen Jetta 2005.5?


Stay away from the fm transmitters none of them work in your vehicle because your antenna is on the rear glass , the best way to listen to the ipod will be using a ipod interface made for your radio or auxiliary audio input for volkswagen. this
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any audio dealer is able to sell you the right plug in Adaptor that will fit into your aux plug in and fit your type mp3 buy has this equipment to.and there may be an
This has been previously answered by Ragingfish on this forum here: search for ipod the song is called "Light and Day/Reach for the Sun" by Polyphonic Spree on the album
They aren't lying but the cord might have been taken or just never given to you. Look in the glovebox, do you see what looks like a headphone jack? That is the auxiliary input. Just
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