Voltage of a Defibrillator?


Voltage of a defibrillator ranges from 200 to 1700 volts. The high voltage in used to save a person with cardiac arrest. The voltage is administered from low voltage till it jolts with the heart rhythm.
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It depends! The older Monophasic (one shock per shock -one way) machines can use as much as 5000V. The newer Biphasic (two shocks per shock -back and forth) machines use around 2200V
The voltages can range from 200 to 1,700 volts. The shocks can be
The energy E stored in a capacitor of C farads charged to V volts is just: E = ½CV². rearranges to: V² = 2E/C. V² = 2 * 61 / (111 * 10^6) V² = 1099099.
Defibrillator voltage ranges from 200 to 1,700 volts, according to the Physics Factbook, though some manufacturers offer higher voltages. But successful defibrillation depends more
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