Where to Get Vray for Sketchup 30 Days Trial?


A person can get a 30 day trial for V-Ray for SketchUp Demo by visiting their official trial. This allows potential customers to try out the product before purchasing it. It contains all the features of the paid version but is limited to only 30 days of use.
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The suggested retail price for Vray for SketchUp v6 is about $800. Even the student version lists for about $250. You probably won't find a commercially available free version. http
To download Youtube videos you should click "Run" when java window opens. Enable "Always trust content from the publisher" to download seamlessly in the future
Hi, I'm just adding that I've the same problem in wood texturing and makes my customers a little bit hard to decide the texture type... so pls help me. Thanks a lot Doni
You're probably overexposing - you've got a sun system that's in physical units and if you're not in physical camera units you blow it out. Same deal in all the Vray implementations
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