How to Reset a VSC Light on a Highlander?


When you are resetting a VSC light on a highlander you will need a ratchet and socket set. The first thing that you will want to do is shut off the vehicle's engine and apply the parking brake. Make sure that you check all of the black vacuum lines around the filter box and reconnect them if needed.
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1. Shut off the vehicle's engine and apply the parking brake to protect yourself while working on the vehicle. 2. Open the vehicle's hood and examine the engine compartment. Locate
VSC stands for vehicle stability control. If the light is on there is a problem with the system.
there is a fault in the VSC (vehicle stability control) system, have the dealer test the system for the fault code that is stored when the light is turned on.
It might be that the sensor or the wiring leading to it isn't working
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To reset the check engine and vsc light caused by a loose gas cap, after turning the engine off, remove the gas cap, clean the threads on both the cap and the ...
The VSC 'vehicle stability control' in a Toyota is a safety system to prevent loss of control in slippery conditions or if a tire blows out. If the light comes ...
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