How to Reset a VW Radio Code?


In order to reset a VW radio code, you need to obtain the unlock code that was usually ships with the vehicle. If you do not have this unlock code you will not be able to reset the VW radio. You can go to a local dealership in order to find out more about this.
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1. When the word "SAFE" appears on the radio display when you turn the radio on, it means the radio will only work once you enter the correct code. Find the code in the
Answer Probably depends on the year/model of the VW. For a 1999 thru 2002 Jetta, you would need to do this. Obtain the unlock code that was shipped with the vehicle. If you don't
Correct code, pressing once will change to 2 twice to 3 etc. Use button
Check your owner's manual. Call the dealer and ask them or search the web for a Jetta webpage and post the question there.
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VW Car Radio Codes
Volkswagen car radios come pre-installed with an anti-theft deterrent. An unlock code must be entered by the owner if the radio becomes disconnected from the wiring or if the car's battery is disconnected or flat.... More »
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