How to Sync a W880i.?


1. Connect your USB data cable to the charging port on the left side of your W880i and one of the USB ports on your computer, and then launch the Sony Ericsson PC Suite software. 2. Click the "Tools" menu, and then click "Synchronisation. 3. Check
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This technical. sonyericsson w880i. review is computer-generated with this phone's specifications, it is not based on an actual hands-on review. It pinpoints its strengths and weaknesses
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1. Press any button on the Sony Ericsson W880i to wake it up from sleep mode. The screen will light up when it's awake. 2. Type in your code to unlock the phone ...
Switch ON your phone without SIM Card,Press 1 time the left arrow,Press 2 times the button * ,Press 1 time the left arrow.The message 'Personalize with MNC2' will ...
well i wondered that too but it turns out that you can't get radio on the Sony erricson w880i. ...
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