Who Owns Wachovia Bank?


Technically Wachovia Bank does not exist any more. It was purchased by Wells Fargo. After it was purchased each of the branches of Wachovia were gradually phased out and the name was retired.
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1. Visit the Wachovia website and enroll in online bill pay. Create a username and password, enter your account numbers and types of accounts and make your payments by logging in
Wachovia proposed divestiture of banking subsidiaries to Citigroup....
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063107513. This is the routing number for all Wells Fargo ( formerly Wachovia. accounts that were opened in Florida. You can also obtain your routing number by visiting your bank's
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Wachovia is now a part of Wells Fargo. Together, they’re one of North America’s largest financial services companies with a legendary reputation for strength and stability, offering more convenience and resources to help you reach your financial goals... More>>
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