How do I sharpen Wahl clippers?


A blade sharpener must be used to sharpen Wahl clippers. A little bit of oil should be placed on the sharpening disk and the magnetic holder should be attached. Run the bottom blade in small circles over the disk to sharpen.
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1. Remove the blades from your clippers by loosening the screws on the underside of the blade. Wahl clippers have an upper blade and a lower blade, so you will need to remove both
It is important to get a professional to sharpen you clipper blades. It takes precision tools, skill, and attention to detail.
If you have a regular taper clipper model rather than a fade clipper model, with no guard on the clipper, the taper lever adjusts the cut between a #000 blade and a #1 blade = 3/32&
In order to sharpen these blades you must first dis-assemble them (paying particular attention to the way everything fits together), Next you need to get a piece of glass or something
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How to Sharpen Wahl Clippers
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