How do I sharpen Wahl clippers?


A blade sharpener must be used to sharpen Wahl clippers. A little bit of oil should be placed on the sharpening disk and the magnetic holder should be attached. Run the bottom blade in small circles over the disk to sharpen.
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1. Remove the blades from your clippers by loosening the screws on the underside of the blade. Wahl clippers have an upper blade and a lower blade, so you will need to remove both
Blades may be sharpened by sending them to: Wahl Annex, 3001 North Locust Street,
It is important to get a professional to sharpen you clipper blades. It takes precision tools, skill, and attention to detail.
Don’t be surprised if after only one clipping session, the dog clippers you’re using become dull at the edges. Even the most expensive dog clippers won’t last if
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How to Sharpen Wahl Clippers
Grooming is an essential part of pet ownership, and clippers are an important tool for a proper grooming routine. Many breeds of dog, including poodles, cocker spaniels, and schnauzers, are routinely clipped to help maintain a neat, clean appearance and... More »
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