Waiter Duties and Responsibilities?


The duties and responsibilities as a waiter are to provide prompt and courteous customers in restaurants. Waiters should be able to anticipate a customer's needs.
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preparing the dinning table, and serving the food and the drinks to the customer, giving the guest satisfaction.
To write down orders, take them to the cheft, wait until the food is done and deliver it to the customers table swift and sophisticated. Don't make the customers wait or they'll get
At many restaurants, prior to beginning work, the waitresses and waiters will meet with the chefs or manager to review special menu items, be alerted to potential food allergies,
The duties of a waiter are to set table cutlery, serviettes and condiments before
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Duties and Responsibilities of a Waiter
Food-service workers perform an important job that is always in demand. Waiters at restaurants have a responsibility to serve the customers' needs during the time they are in the restaurant. A waiter's salary is typically made up of a small... More »
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