How much does the Wal-mart Bakery charge for a 3 tier wedding cake?


The amount the Wal-Mart bakery charges for a 3 tier wedding cake varies by store and location. You will need to contact your local Wal-Mart for prices.
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You can not duplicate a WalMart cake at your home. Their cakes are baked in a manufacturing setting and sent out to all of their stores in that area, in a frozen state. The cakes
Walmart does not list their cake prices online but you can call
I only know that an undecorated half sheet is $70.
If you want cool designs on your cake like for a child's birthday party, Gerry's Bakery in Menlo Park is awesome. If you want the best cake for flavor, Prolific Oven has the best
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Walmart has bakery and deli departments in its Supercenters and in the Neighborhood Markets that can provide custom-made birthday cakes. In addition to birthday ...
In many Walmarts there is a bakery where cakes for all types of occasions such as birthdays can be purchased. They allow special orders and decorations on the ...
Twilight cakes in Walmart will typically cost you around $30-$50. It depends on the size of the cake. You need to get these cakes custom-made at their bakery. ...
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