How to Dress for an Interview at Wal-Mart?


When dressing for an interview at Walmart you want to appear business casual. This means a nice polo or button up shirt with a pair of solid color dress pants. Do not wear jeans and a t-shirt. If you want to know how to dress for an interview a good rule of thumb to remember is to look your best.
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1. Dress up. If possible, wear at least a suit jacket with a nice pair of slacks or a skirt. 2. Be modest. Wear solid colors, stripes or soft patterns on shirts and bottoms. Avoid
Have an interview at WalMart or Kmart or another major retailer coming up? Not sure what to wear? When you go to your interview, make sure you make the best possible impression. Dress
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There are a variety of questions that will be asked during a Wal-Mart interview. These questions will depend on the position that one has applied for and the person giving the interview. However, one can expect to be asked such things as: 'How can you benefit Wal-Mart? What positions are you interested in at Wal-Mart? If you had the choice would you be a leader or a follower?' You should also be expected to answer a series of 'what if' type questions.
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